At Mr Tree Farm, we appreciate our large clientele of families who enjoy spending the day at the farm selecting their trees and engaging in the various activities, including, the petting zoo, Santa and his workshop, the haywagon, caboose, lionel train display, etc. Furthermore, the 30 acre farm is manicured like a golf course , for the visual appeal to our customers, which consumes thousands of work hours most of the rest of the year. And because of these amenities, in recent years, we have become OVERWHELMED with the number of professional and “lay” photographers who come to our farm to conduct photo “shoots” or sessions. Although we understand WHY they want to photograph on our farm, the problem has become unmanigable. We apologize to our longstanding customers and newbees who come to buy their tree or holiday decorations, and this is not directed towards those that do so. Rather this is directed to those who elect to come onto the farm without the permission of Mr Tree ownership, to photograph and video according to their own wishes and demands. So lets be clear:

MR TREE FARM is PRIVATE PROPERTY opened @ 60 days of the year to the general public to purchase pumpkins, Christmas trees, and associated holiday decor. During those 60 days our PAYING guests are permitted to take a reasonable amount of photos. All commercial or professional photography is PROHIBITED absent written express permission of the Mr. Tree Farm ownership. This permission MUST BE obtained PRIOR to engaging in ANY photography. As realated to the other 10 months of the year, ALL PHOTOGRAPHY is PROHIBITED absent ownership written permission.

Accordingly anyone found photographing/videoing and you are NOT a customer, will be considered a trespasser, and subject to possible criminal prosecution or civil suit or both.

So if you are thinking of coming to Mr Tree to photograph your Christmas memories, cards, albums etc. you are WELCOME if you are a MR TREE CUSTOMER FIRST! At Christmas we generally require a $30 purchase. At pumpkin season, it is less, just check with the staff.

In conclusion we want all legitimate Mr Tree customers to come and enjoy their holiday experience/tradition with all fun and activities we offer. We hope you will enjoy your Christmas Tree from Mr Tree.